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Welcome to Tornado Alley

The US is notorious for its tornado climatology in terms of intensity, frequency and destruction. In fact, the US experiences 75% of the world’s known tornados. Having a state-of-the-art concrete shelter can be the defining factor between life, serious injury, or even worse death.

Forever Safe Shelters is tested beyond the requirements by the ICC-500 to protect your family during a storm. Not only can our shelters withstand wind speeds over 500 mph, our shelters are also tested to Level-9 ballistics. Forever Safe shelters can be utilized as a panic or safe room, additional storage, or gun safe.

We will seamlessly integrate our multi-functional shelters into your home, office, or school to maximize space without sacrificing efficiency. Because safety is our number one priority, we created a multi-functional shelter to help you weather all of life’s storms. 

Commercial Shelters

Forever Safe shelters can provide your school, business, or community from the threats of gun violence and natural disaster. Our multifunctional shelters can be designed specifically to meet any requirements and safety needs.

Increase the value, safety, and offering of your home builds by partnering with Forever Safe to implement storm shelters into new or existing communities. Contact Forever safe to hear more about our homebuilder options.
So far in 2019 there have been 22 school shootings in the US. What if you could protect students, educators, and employees from potential gun violence? Forever Safe Shelters test to level 9 ballistics and can be added onto existing school structures.
Put employees’ minds at ease by providing safety and shelter during natural disaster. Our shelters can double as a server room or additional storage to ensure business efficiency and to maximize the space.

Residential Shelters

Keep your home safe and secure with one of our residential shelters. A Forever Safe Shelter can be added to your existing home, seamlessly incorporated into the construction of your new home, or can be a separate entity close to the home. Our dedicated service team works to seamlessly integrate the shelter to best fit the needs of you and your family.

Panic Room
Our shelters protect beyond storms. Use a Forever Safe Shelter to protect you and your loved ones from intruders.
Gun Safe
Having a safe and protected location to store firearms is important, especially with young children in the home. Use a Forever Safe Shelter to keep all hunting gear and personal firearm collections organized and secure.
Storm Shelter
Our above ground shelters protect you from the possibility of drowning and being buried by debris, unlike an underground shelter. Forever Safe shelters withstand windspeeds over 500 mph and can handle severe debris impact. See how Discovery Channel put our Shelters to the test by dropping three cars on the same shelter.

Forever Safe Shelters on The Discovery Channel

Forever Safe Shelters is put to the test by the Discovery Channel with ballistics testing and debris testing. Will the tornado shelter/safe room hold up? Watch the video and find out!

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